Transnationalization of Resistance to Economic Land Concessions in Cambodia

TitleTransnationalization of Resistance to Economic Land Concessions in Cambodia
Annotated RecordNot Annotated
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsSwift P
Secondary TitleLand Grabbing, Conflict and Agrarian-Environmental Transformations: Perspectives from East and Southeast Asia
Paginationi-iii, 1-21
PublisherBRICS Initiatives for Critical Agrarian Studies (BICAS), MOSAIC Research Project, Land Deal Politics Initiative (LDPI), RCSD Chiang Mai University, Transnational Institute
Key themesAccessToJustice, CivilSociety-Donors, FDI

The granting of economic land concessions (ELCs) over large parts of Cambodia has begun to attract global attention. It has also become a key focal point for civil society mobilization in Cambodia as well as for transnational activism directed at targets both within and outside Cambodia. Transnational actors play an important role in activism around ELCs in Cambodia, for example providing funding for Cambodian actors working on these issues, facilitating activities on the ground in Cambodia, contributing knowledge and experiences related to resistance to land grabs, influencing processes of identity-formation, and internationalizing campaigns around land-grabbing in Cambodia in various ways. This paper interrogates these and other existing transnational relationships related to resistance to ELCs in Cambodia, examining the roles of actors in Cambodia, elsewhere in the region, and in the West.


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