Living under threat but with nowhere to go: A survey on the impact of forced eviction on women in Phnom Penh

TitleLiving under threat but with nowhere to go: A survey on the impact of forced eviction on women in Phnom Penh
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Year of Publication2011
Paginationi-viii, 1-33
Key themesDispossession-grabbing, Gender, MarginalisedPeople, Policy-law, Urban

ABSTRACTED FROM THE INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Housing, land and property rights issues affect men and women differently; hence these issues are not gender-neutral and require a gender equality analysis of the problem. While equal rights between men and women are enshrined in the 1993 Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia (the Constitution) and in a number of national laws, in practice women are still subordinate to men. The Survey findings are presented in detail in the succeeding sections of this Report, and provide empirical evidence as to the negative impact of forced evictions; it is also the objective of this survey to outline the disproportionate effects of forced evictions on women, which constitutes a direct violation not only of women’s rights to adequate housing but also of their economic, social and cultural (ESC) rights. The objectives of the Survey are to: 1. Identify the basic profile of women respondents and their informal settlements. 2. Gather the perceptions of women on their eviction problem and how they view their plight before, during and after an eviction. 3. Gather the views of women on how efforts on the part of themselves and their communities, and by the RGC and NGOs, have adequately addressed their situation and provided solutions to their plight. 4. Establish links between violence against women and forced evictions based on the experiences of the respondents. 5. Identify gender-equal, gender-responsive and human rights-based recommendations for the RGC and NGOs in order to secure the right to adequate housing for urban poor women and their families.


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