The Thailand land titling project - thirteen years of experience

TitleThe Thailand land titling project - thirteen years of experience
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Year of Publication1998
AuthorsNettle KG, Rattanabirabongse V, Eddington RA, Burns AF
Secondary TitleLand Use Policy
Key themesPolicy-law

At a time when interest in the establishment of effective land administration systems in developing countries is running high, one of the best case studies is the Thailand Land Titling Project. This major project commenced in 1984 and has achieved substantial success. This paper describes the situation in Thailand at the time that the project had its genesis and traces the history from that point. The objectives of the project are outlined and the results of the project to date in meeting those objectives are described. In keeping with its purpose as a case study, the paper discusses the factors which have contributed to the success of the project and also the issues which have emerged and the lessons which have been learnt during the course of the project.


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