Land grabs and labor in Cambodia

TitleLand grabs and labor in Cambodia
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Year of Publication2021
AuthorsAnti S
Secondary TitleJournal of Development Economics
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Key themesAgriculturalModernization, Dispossession-grabbing, MigrationLabour, Policy-law

Large-scale Land Acquisitions (LSLAs), often labeled “land grabs,” are long-term leases of land obtained by private companies. I merge data on the precise locations of 236 LSLAs in Cambodia established between 1996 and 2012 with newly geocoded data from the Cambodian Socio-Economic Surveys to estimate the effects of LSLAs on employment, household spending, and agricultural investment. I find that LSLAs cause a shift away from independent agricultural production towards employment in agricultural labor in adjacent regions. Additionally, I find that LSLAs result in a decline in household spending and little evidence that LSLAs result in local technology adoption.

URL provide highly localized evidence with newly geocoded data from Cambodia.&text=Land grabs cause a shift from independent agricultural production to farm labor.&text=Land gra

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