Forest and land allocation in Vietnam – Policy and Practice

TitleForest and land allocation in Vietnam – Policy and Practice
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Year of Publication1994
AuthorsDinh_Huu_Hoang _, Đang_Kim_Son _
Key themesAgriculturalModernization, Distribution, FDI, Policy-law

ABSTRACTED FROM BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Within the scope of this article, we would like to provide an overall picture of the achievements and shortcomings associated with the implementation of the forest land allocation policy. This analysis is based on a review of previous research and studies, and aims to understand to which extent objectives of the forest land allocation policy have been achieved so far and to explore the reasons why forest land is not available for plantation (to address the requirements for forest land for plantation for the current state-led reforestation campaign, Programme 661, and foreign investments). The article will investigate whether the forest land allocation policy itself has not been well developed in terms of its instruction and orientation, or whether it has not been implemented in a proper manner, and if so, how can we overcome the shortcomings? Should we continue to proceed with land allocation, if the existing land use values cannot be identified? If we continue land allocation, what mechanism(s) should we apply to ensure more effective and efficient forest land allocation? What theoretical solutions for land consolidation should also be recommended for piloting?


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