Building up Land Concession Inventories: The Case of Lao PDR

TitleBuilding up Land Concession Inventories: The Case of Lao PDR
Annotated RecordNot Annotated
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsAffeld N
Key themesDispossession-grabbing, Formalisation-titling, Policy-law

ABSTRACTED FROM THE 'APPROACH' SECTION: The national inventory of land purchases and leases in Lao PDR is unique in providing comprehensive in-depth analysis of the extent and impacts of large scale land acquisitions across the country. It represents a major contribution to achieving greater transparency in what has previously been a very opaque field of business, and could serve as a model for other countries. Its major asset is the systematic and spatially-referenced compilation of data on the location, extent and implementation status of land-based investments. These data are useful for the following reasons: • Governments are able to take informed decisions when allocating land for purchase or lease. • The social, economic and ecological impacts of investments are explained. • It is possible to conduct regular monitoring of investment activities and irresponsible companies can be called to account. A scientific baseline is provided for future reference. • Shortcomings in investment policies or land policies are revealed and evidence-based policy-making is enabled.


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