Recognizing and Reducing Corruption Risks In Land Management in Vietnam

TitleRecognizing and Reducing Corruption Risks In Land Management in Vietnam
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Year of Publication2011
AuthorsDavidsen S, Anderson JH, Garrido MDelfina Al, Dang_Hung_Vo _, Dang_Ngoc_Dinh _, Tran_Thi_Lan_Huong _
Secondary AuthorsViet P, Huong VThanh, Thang TQuoc
PublisherNational Political Publishing House
Place PublishedHanoi
Key themesAccessToJustice, Distribution, Formalisation-titling, Policy-law

Corruption in land management from the perspective of a simple risk framework. These risk factors and forms of corruption spring from more general shortcomings in the integrity framework. In this regard, this report argues that corruption is most likely to occur when an official or office has a monopoly, when the official or office has a great deal of discretion over how the decision is taken, and when there is little accountability for that decision or transparency, which might make it harder for the corruption to proceed unabated. Some public services may often require monopoly or a measure of discretion in provision, and in such cases, transparency and accountability are especially needed. And of course, there are often alternatives that better circumscribe the discretion and monopoly in the first place. The book analyzes and explains the causes of corruption in land administration and the existing types of corruption. Based on the analysis of the types of corruption and identification of the risk factors that are generating corruption in land management, the authors propose actions for each specific type of corruption and make some recommendations for prevention. This book represents the views of foreign institutions. The views and analysis of political and legal terms in this book only represent the views and opinions of the writers, not the official views of the party and our state. In order to provide a diverse set of viewpoints, we generally keep the authors' original text; although in some places we edited and footnoted to assist readers of the book.


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