Land Tenure in Cambodia: A Data Update

TitleLand Tenure in Cambodia: A Data Update
Annotated RecordNot Annotated
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsSophal C, Saravy T, Acharya S
Paginationi-v, 1-66
Key themesDistribution, Formalisation-titling, MarginalisedPeople

ABSTRACTED FROM THE OBJECTIVES: This paper aims to identify, scrutinise and comment upon the quality and adequacy of different existing large data sets (available from government ministries, international organisations, research institutions and so forth) that contain information on land use, tenure and related issues. It then analyses these data to establish linkages between standards of living/poverty and landholding. The reasons for undertaking this exercise are to explore what is available in terms of hard data on different tenural and socio-economic surveys of land in the country, assess their usefulness in understanding land-related issues, and suggest gaps that need to be filled in the future. The paper aims to collate existing data sets only, from which it draws inferences.


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Working Paper