Visibility Verus Vulnerability: understanding instability and opportunity in Myanmar

TitleVisibility Verus Vulnerability: understanding instability and opportunity in Myanmar
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Year of Publication2014
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Key themesCivilSociety-Donors, Formalisation-titling, MarginalisedPeople, Policy-law

Change is taking place in Myanmar. Since this ethnically and geographically diverse country elected its first civilian government in 2010, a series of rapid and dramatic reforms have taken place to allow freedom of expression, an opening of the economy and the consolidation of peace. The government has also taken the first tentative steps toward decentralization. In October 2013, Mercy Corps conducted a combined economic, governance and conflict assessment that focused on Myanmar’s southern Shan State as a microcosm of the issues present throughout the country. The assessment findings, detailed in "Visibility vs. Vulnerability", revealed that the opening of Myanmar has brought with it new complexities that require an integrated analysis of how economic and political vulnerabilities are tied to instability -- and dangers lie with the unexpected problems that will arise as a result of the transition process. Mercy Corps' report lays out several policy and program recommendations for increasing opportunities amid Myanmar's unprecedented change.


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